Liquid Nitrogen Supplier Across India

  • Besides semen we are also a prominent Liquid Nitrogen Supplier. We offer Liquid Nitrogen (LN2) at competitive prices and in safe packaging.
  • Application areas of Liquid Nitrogen are as below –
  • Leak testing gas for various pipelines and vessels installations.
  • Pressurizing gas, helping in flush out various chemicals or fluids through pipelines or vessels.
  • Shielding gas in steel manufacturing to diminish oxidation effect in steel melting process and in hot metal treating procedure for removal of impurities and porosity.
  • In degassing process to remove impurities or porosities from various molten metal like Aluminum.
  • Rapid freezing agent for any eatables due to its instant solidifying property.
  • Filler gas in Food Items Packaging industry.
  • Filler gas in Bulb / Lighting Industry.

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